What We Do

 C-Level Partners is a group of executives that is available for the following activities:

Board / Advisory Board Roles:

Each C-Level Partner is qualified to serve as a board member or as an advisory board
member of private, public, non-profit and start- up companies.

Candidates for Open Executive Leadership Roles:

Each C-Level Partner is qualified to fill key executive roles.

Interim Leadership Roles:

Each C-Level Partner is available for interim executive level leadership roles including contract assignments and executive functional leadership.


C-Level Partners have a diverse background and are available to help you address the following strategic, operational and financial issues:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Operational and business planning
  • Offsite facilitation
  • M&A alternative analysis, due diligence and acquisition integration
  • New product development and  introduction
  • Lean culture change
  • Technology change
  • Project management
  • Business advisory
  • CEO/Executive coaching
  • Financial analysis
  • Balanced scorecards

Business Deals:

C-Level Partners are involved in creating new businesses across a variety of industries. Our goal is to help align and connect investors, private equity firms, investment bankers and executive talent to increase deal flow and drive profitable growth. These include:

  • Developing the business plan
  • Building partnerships
  • Developing channels and markets

Business Connections:

Each C-Level Partner has extensive and diverse business experience which includes personal relationships with business partners, board members, executives and managers. C-Level Partners can serve as network connectors to align talent and funding with business goals. For example the group can:

  • Assist executive search firms with filling roles
  • Connect firms with talented executives that meet the required search skill sets
  • Use extensive connections to assist investors (VC & Private Equite firms) to fill talent needs